The Original Shankers

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Mike Both is a co-founder and the visionary of Shanks Golf. Mike brings with him a storied history of inconsistent golf play. Known to shoot the odd scrappy round in the mid 80’s, Mike can also be found taking long walks through the fescue and day dreaming amongst the tree lines. Despite his striking inability to improve at the sport, Mike has a true passion for golf, and all of the highs and lows that come with it.

Professionally, Mike has held a wide array of positions in the hospitality industry, and most recently in financial management. Mike currently works as the Business Manager of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Prince Edward Island. Mike’s role at Shanks Golf consists of financial management, product development, logistics, procurement, and general jack-assery.

For Mike, Shank’s Golf started as a dream and has grown into his passion. Being able to bring high-quality, affordable, and often hilarious golf equipment to golfers around the world is what it’s really all about. In life, as in golf, there are going to be ‘shanks,’ but your character isn’t measured by how far off you missed the fairway, but by how you played your recovery shot. Shank away friends, shank away!

Fast Facts:

  1. Mike was the first round draft choice at the inaugural 2020 Covid Cup golf tournament; he nearly missed his tee time, and proceeded to shank his first drive into the woods (true story);
  2. He shot a 126 on his first-ever round of 18 holes at Stanhope GC in 2009 (he would like to apologize to any groups that were held up behind him);
  3. He kinda likes cats … like a lot; and
  4. Mike should have named the company Slice Golf, as that’s his go-to tee shot


Geoff Kowalski, a Prince Edward Island native, is a co-founder of Shanks Golf, and is largely responsible for aiding in product design and marketing. Most notably, he brings with him an expensive university education, a passion for golf fashion, and a “one mulligan per 9 holes” rule on the course. Professionally, Geoff also serves as Director of Operations for a blossoming property development company in PEI.

While not particularly skilled at golf, Geoff offers a versatile skill set in business and sports that makes him a true asset to the Shanks Golf leadership team. Sick of paying big $ to Titleist and TaylorMade every time he lost a glove, his vision is to offer a fun, high-quality alternative to traditional golf apparel, at a cost that both the amateur and hobby golfer can afford. 

If you golf, golf fast; if you suck at golf, golf faster.